Remoto do

What only

Remoto can do

Remoto's vision is “hardware expansion”. Imagine a world where you can go out with one thin and light Remoto.

for our thumb

The world needs

Small device.

A palm-sized smartphone that has been long sought by users around the world. We stopped waiting and decided to make it.

Remoto is a small device that can control any smartphone. It uses your smartphone's OS and data as is, but does not require any data migration or installation.

OS Switch

1 device even if

you have two.

Remoto is a remote device that does not depend on the OS. Therefore, I plan to switch and use multiple smartphones like this. Even if you have two phones with your company and your own smartphone, Remoto make them compact. *

IC Dock

Card + smartphone.

That's all.

If you can physically incorporate an IC card without using software, you can use various cards without depending on the supported OS. Just like using a card from a smartphone case. That's all. *

Keep using

“Rebuy” is a rival.

Remoto is a smart device that can remotely control any smartphone.

Since the screen is transferred and operated, the smartphone on the server side can be used even if the screen is broken or the battery is deteriorated.*


a Mobile phone,

Create together.

Remoto that can control all smartphones.

By opening the back, We can find the device you really want. For example, a lensless camera that no one has ever seen. We provide a freer hardware platform that is not affected by the hardware characteristics of smartphones. *

* All listed features are under development. Please expect to future announcements.

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