A simple yet efficient style

with only a screen.

All we want is information.


Remoto is a mobile device that allows you to remotely operate your smartphone. Then, you can make your smartphone as compact as it is.


And Remoto is more than just a mobile device. Until now, mobile devices had the problem that the supported operating systems were limited.


Remoto can solve this challenge in a way never before imagined and can support all smartphone OSs including iOS and Android. Of course, your smartphone doesn't require jailbreak or disassembly.


Remoto is the only "anyOS device" in the world that can store all operating systems in a simple and compact unit.

It has nothing.

So can do anything.

Remoto is a simple device with almost only a screen. Because of its simplicity, the features we really wanted will visible. The keyword is "expansion". That is the best way human have proven.

Multi client

Since the remote operation does not depend on the smartphone's OS, it can be operated by switching some OS. Switch between multiple devices, such as your own and your company's mobile. *

Wireless adsorption charging

Built-in wireless charging for Remoto and Case. It doesn't have to look for the right position because it attracts comfortably with the magnet. *

Multi server

You can control one smartphone with multiple Remotos. You can give it to your child or explain the operation to distant parents. *

Distance alert

Alerts you when the distance between devices is too long. Prevent theft and misplacement, even when carrying the case. *

Extended Case

Built-in battery, earphone jack and SD card for smartphone in Case. It's okay if your smartphone is old or lacks space. *

Waterproof and dustproof

Equipped with waterproof and dustproof function on Remoto. In other words, It makes your smartphone waterproof. You can operate while bathing or on the beach. *

* All listed features are under development. Please expect to future announcements.

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